Press release: Who is happy in the finance community?

Thetaris developed a crowdsourcing platform, that gives the answer.

Shortly before years’ end, Thetaris asks the finance community for their input regarding the economic and financial expectations for 2015 (please see: who-is-happy.com). How happy are you with job, career, work, infrastructure. What are your expectations for economic and financial development in different regions of the world. It's time to sum up sector trends.

Thetaris, a provider of cutting-edge modeling solutions for easy structuring exotics, developed this easy to use crowd-sourcing platform. The site promises an entertaining interview process with instant feedback. 

Crowd answers can be immediately matched against your own. The platform is completely anonymous, intuitive to use and comes with a modern design. Reports show the wisdom of the finance crowd for every topic and gives the user the ability to explore the data of all users in an analytics dashboard. Examples for what the users are able to investigate immediately include

  • expectations for growth of the world economy in 2015  by Europeans vs Americans vs Asians.
  • amounts of bonuses for senior level in Russia vs Europe vs China,
  • career expectations of male vs female juniors in Europe,
  • personal allocation of financial assets of finance professionals and
  • many other topics.

We are looking forward to your input -   anonymously: who-is-happy.com

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