Thetaris wants to call your attention to a new player in the financial software business we're very excited about: OpenGamma. Already recognized as a "firm of the future" by Risk Magazine, OpenGamma and its unified system for front-office and risk calculations is the latest buzz in the financial services industry. Especially interesting for our customers are its portfolio and the market data management capabilities.

The platform software is based on modern design principles and gets delivered as open source - notwithstanding full commercial support. Custom commercial components are also available and the platform's openness fosters integration with and extension by specialized data or technology providers. As such OpenGamma is a perfect match for Thetaris and its cutting-edge technologies and financial know-how.

A prototype for ThetaML integration with OpenGamma is already complete. We like the professional yet open mindset of the OpenGamma folks. As a matter of fact, we've already made first contributions back to the platform's official GitHub repository. We think the financial community can benefit a lot by joining up to improve this standards-based platform and create even better solutions for customers.