Functions in ThetaML

Many users asked for the introduction of function call into ThetaML. Since today, we provide a test release of Theta Suite version 2.4 together with the new function syntax. Besides the usual function concept, ThetaML functions also support function handles and partial evaluation with model time sensitive default values for some parameters. You will be surprised how much this can simplify your coding.

New release: Theta Suite Spring 2013

Theta Suite Release: Excel-bridge better speed and many small improvements

Thetaris ends the wintertime and  is proud to announce  the new Theta Suite Spring 2013 release.

We focused on the full functionality of the so called "Excel bridge" which offers new possibilities to run models from Excel. Furthermore the Theta Suite Spring release improves significantly the speed of the Debugger Analysis and Evaluation Run.

For more information go to :  http://www.thetaris.com/thetasuite/