Theta Proxy XL on c't software CeBIT - DVD Edition

As in previous years, some 2013 issues of the c't magazine include a covermount DVD-ROM. The DVD-ROM that will be in c't issue 6/2013 (CeBIT edition) features a hand-selected collection of free- and shareware programs as well as fully registered versions. This compilation includes software related to "science and technology" as well as "office workflows".

Theta Proxy XL, the Thetaris Excel Add-in software that accelerates the performance of complex Excel functions, such as user-defined functions (UDF) for Monte-Carlo simulation will be featured on the DVD and described in the c't magazine. 

We are happy and proud, that the c't magazine - one of the most important and widest-circulated software magazines in Germany - selected Theta Proxy XL for this DVD edition, which is issued in parallel to the CeBIT 2013,  the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments.