Test Automation Day 2019

Test Automation Day is a multi-tracks software testing conference organized for software testers and IT professionals in the Netherlands. It features talks and workshops by international speakers focused on Test Automation. The Test Automation Day Netherlands offers the opportunity to interact with world class speakers about innovative automated testing methods, technologies, strategies and tools.

In the agenda of the Test Automation Day conference you can find topics like “Balancing your test automation with exploratory testing”, “Model-based testing of probabilistic programs”, “Test Automation Smells – Automatically uncovering quality defects”, “Test automation, handcuffs or enforcement?”, “Agile Functional Test Automation”, “What makes a test automation engineer so special?”, “Automation, Now, Then, Where”, “Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation”, “Automated integration testing with Arquillian”, “Implementing Test Automation, A simple strategy?”, ” Effective Risk Analysis in Performance Testing: the Dutch Railways approach” or “The ROI of (Acceptance) Test Driven Development”

June 19-20 2019,

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