Thetaris article is cover story of German finance magazine RISIKO MANAGER Issue 11/2012

The article „Markt-Risikomanagement für  Asset Manager“, written by Dr. Andreas Grau, CEO and Dr. Stefan Dirnstorfer – COO of the Thetaris GmbH  - is the main topic of the actual RISIKO MANAGER issue 11.2012 (www.risiko-manager.com).

The article describes the basic necessity of professional risk management not only for investment banking but also in the area of asset management.  Furthermore it points out that the investment in a solid and mature risk management solution is cheaper and easier to implement than public opinion suggests. At the end the user – specifically a asset manager – will eventually not recognize that he is still working with his used calculation tool.

Please find an extract of the article online here  - the complete article can be ordered in written form on the RISIKO MANAGER website

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