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Thetaris Theta Proxy XL provides high performance computing in MS Excel

Thetaris presents Theta Proxy XL, an Excel Add-in software that accelerates the performance of complex Excel functions, such as user-defined functions (UDF) for Monte-Carlo simulation. This software is targeted at all Excel users for whom fast calculation of formula results is essential. This includes traders at banks and other financial institutions who have to react instantly to price changes and, therefore, need real-time calculations. Theta Proxy XL calculates the values of Excel cells containing, for example, complex financial functions in a fraction of a second.

Instead of completely substituting Excel, Theta Proxy XL supplements it when Excel alone is not fast enough. Users don’t have to switch to a new spreadsheet tool, while software installation and use are extremely simple. Download and install Theta Proxy XL for free from the Thetaris website and be ready to enjoy its benefits immediately. See the speed of Theta Proxy XL calculations compared to Excel in a video on Theta Proxy XL’s webpage

Theta Proxy’s technology originally was designed for the needs of trading floors and risk management at major corporations. It is unrivalled in its field and now, with Theta ProxyXL, also brings lightning speed to all Excel users. It can be used for calculation of option prices, risk coverage (hedges) of financial products and high-frequency trading strategies with extremely low latency.

“Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software. It is ideal for a wide range of applications but there are certain situations which may require a lot of number crunching,” Andreas Grau, CEO of Thetaris, explains. “This is where Theta Proxy XL shines: the software is based on results of research in artificial intelligence and numerics for real-time applications. Anyone who needs to make split-second decisions based on real-time data will be at a considerable advantage over Excel-only users or users of other spreadsheet tools.”
When applying Theta Proxy XL on a new function, it has to undergo a one-time “training-stage”. During this stage, actual values are calculated and this takes a certain amount of time. After this, using the training data, you can obtain accurate real-time results. Replacing a slow function by a call to Theta Proxy XL, new input data does not have to be exactly the same as calculated at the training stage. There is no need to call the slow function again, resulting in the high speed of the software operation.

There is also a version for workgroups called Theta Proxy HPC (High Performance Computing), which runs on a Microsoft HPC server. In this case new training stages are distributed among processors of one cluster and the trained functions are managed centrally on a server. Thus, the entire group can work with the same data obtained during the training stage, saving time on repeat calculations.

 Theta Proxy XL is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010. We offer the full version for commercial use as well as a free version for evaluation and noncommercial applications. The software is designed for use on 32-bit and 64-bit systems with up to 8-core processors. The free version incorporates all the functionality of the full version. Microsoft Co. supported the development of the solution with its BizSpark initiative.

The full version of Theta Proxy XL costs EUR 325 and is available for purchase at the Thetaris online store. The free version can be downloaded from the Thetaris website.

About Thetaris GmbH
Thetaris is a world-leading provider of modeling solutions for the financial sector. These solutions are designed to support quantitative analysts and actuaries to manage financial risks in the face of escalating complexity in the world of finance. To this end, Thetaris has developed a landmark method called Computer Aided Finance (CAF). Thetaris offers consulting and innovative means of intuitive modeling, detailed analysis and automated creation of financial products. Theta Suite and Theta Proxy are its flagship products, to be applied in trading operations, development of new financial products and risk management.

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