Theta Proxy XL works with FinAnSu

Theta Proxy XL  is optimized for FinAnSu: A library for free real-time data acquisition in MS Excel. That means, people can try Theta Proxy XL with free real-time data and without the need to link into Bloomberg or tompson reuters. 

The real time data in FinAnSu is the data feed from Google, yahoo or Bloomberg and is delivered directely into MS Excel. The free data is delayed up to 15 Min for most exchanges, but for testing e.g. a trading strategy, this is totally sufficient. 

Using this data, you can test your high-frequency trading strategy without the need of expensive data feeds. And, Theta Proxy XL can speed-up your long-lasting, complex computations to operate directly in real-time, without optimizing your code or utilizing special and expensive hardware.


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