The Beauty of a DSL for Finance

With Theta Suite you can structure and evaluate any financial product or trading strategy faster and more accurate than ever before. Thus any exotic product or complex hedging strategy looses it´s magic.

How is this possible? 

The coding language ThetaML serves only one goal: optimally define financial products, trading strategies and evaluation models (e.g. stochastic models). It does nothing else but that! The power of this language lies in the fact that the description of the product (payoff structure), the stochastic model and the numerical implementation are separated. Each individual component is much easier to understand than a complex numerical algorithm containing all three aspects in one piece of low level computer code.


June 14th - PRMIA Event with Tom Wilson on Value and Capital Management

PRMIA Munich is proud to invite you to a presentation by Tom Wilson on:
Value and Capital Management: A New Era for Insurers
Given today’s environment, characterized by tepid economic growth, highly volatile capital markets, record low interest rates and risk-based Solvency II regulation, capital management and value management are becoming synonymous.
Against these headwinds, an accounting earnings focus is no longer sufficient: a tighter focus on where and how capital is generated and invested is critical for building profitable, long-term sustainable businesses.
•           What are the forces defining the “New Era”?
•           What are the implications for value and risk management?
 About the Speaker:
Tom Wilson is Chief Risk Officer of Allianz, based in Munich. He has over 20 years’ experience working in finance and risk with insurance companies and banks, both in line management CRO and CFO roles at Allianz, Dresdner Bank, ING and Swiss Re as well as leading the Risk consulting practices at Oliver Wyman and McKinsey. He is the author of Value and Capital Management: A Handbook for the Finance and Risk Functions of Financial Institutions (Wiley, 2015). He received his BSc in Business from the University of California at Berkeley and his PhD in Economics from Stanford University.
Date and Venue:
Tuesday June 14th 2016, 6:00 pm
Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus
Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 Munich
Room Miller
(Entrance Maxburgstr.)
Link to the venue
Refreshments will be provided thanks to our sponsor d-fine.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
The Munich Steering Committee and Dominik Dersch, Regional Director PRMIA Munich
For more details regarding this event, venue and registration please use the following link: http://www.prmia.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=6871


Theta Suite 3 available now

All kinds of structured financial products, especially Variable Annuities (VAs), can be described via ThetaML - the programming language for all Thetaris products including Theta Suite.

With the brand new developed Java backend ThetaML Compiler the product development of VAs will be even more simplified. Furthermore, existing VAs can easily be migrated in ThetaML, enabling a simplified data flow within server components.

In detail the ThetaML Compiler

- generates standalone Java classes (no Matlab required),

- minimalizes the initialization time,

- no re-compilation after input parameter change and

- supports simplified ThetaML language.

The second component ThetaML for Java developers offers

- full integration into Java IDE,

- full integration into Eclipse Debugging framework,

- convenient JAVA API and

- on the fly code generation.

Both components can be provided as Plug-In for the Java developer enviroment (e.g. Eclipse).

For more information, please follow the link: http://www.thetaris.com/thetasuite/


November 10th - PRMIA Event on Cyber Risk: Threats and Mitigation Strategies

PRMIA Munich is proud to invite you to an Expert Panel on:

Cyber Risk: Threats and Mitigation Strategies 

This chapter meeting of  PRMIA Munich adresses important cyber risk themes by an expert panel of practitioners from IT - software, hardware, security, insurance, and consulting discussing about:

  • Anecdotal evidence about cyber risks - examples for various industries
  • Types of cyber threats
  • Harm and damages - dimensions and costs of cyber risks
  • Responses to cyber attacks and recovering
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Markets and types for cyber insurance
  • What’s the focus of insurance underwriters
The panelists are:

  • José Fidalgo: Head of Risk Consulting Liability Central and Eastern Europe at Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty
  • Thomas Fritzsche: Senior Manager at KPMG Forensic
  • Kai Bender: Head of Oliver Wyman’s Strategic IT & Operations Practice/Germany
  • Andreas Schlayer: Head of global team of experts at Munich Re, responsible for the insurance of information technology risks
  • Thomas Schoen: Managing Director of RIGS IT GmbH
  • Juergen Kohr: SVP at T-Systems
For more details regarding this event, venue and registration please use the following link:


Theta Suite Release Fall 2014 is available now

Theta Suite 2.3: Concentration on speed

- A new release of Thetaris' flagship product is now available. Theta Suite allows valuation, hedging and risk management of any financial contract. The focus lies on exotic structures, especially Variable Annuities. 

For this release, besides many minor improvements, Thetaris focused on minimal initialization time and significant speed-up during aggregation processes. Furthermore the newest version of Theta Suite is now fully compatible with the Matlab 2014a. So it supports all Matlab versions since 2007b.

A new feature is the integration of a very efficient variance reduction technique. This technology allows running a simulation with only about one tenth of the scenarios while keeping the accuracy.

For more information please follow the link:  http://www.thetaris.com/thetasuite/

Press release: Who is happy in the finance community?

Thetaris developed a crowdsourcing platform, that gives the answer.

Shortly before years’ end, Thetaris asks the finance community for their input regarding the economic and financial expectations for 2015 (please see: who-is-happy.com). How happy are you with job, career, work, infrastructure. What are your expectations for economic and financial development in different regions of the world. It's time to sum up sector trends.

Thetaris, a provider of cutting-edge modeling solutions for easy structuring exotics, developed this easy to use crowd-sourcing platform. The site promises an entertaining interview process with instant feedback. 

Crowd answers can be immediately matched against your own. The platform is completely anonymous, intuitive to use and comes with a modern design. Reports show the wisdom of the finance crowd for every topic and gives the user the ability to explore the data of all users in an analytics dashboard. Examples for what the users are able to investigate immediately include

  • expectations for growth of the world economy in 2015  by Europeans vs Americans vs Asians.
  • amounts of bonuses for senior level in Russia vs Europe vs China,
  • career expectations of male vs female juniors in Europe,
  • personal allocation of financial assets of finance professionals and
  • many other topics.

We are looking forward to your input -   anonymously: who-is-happy.com


November 12th - PRMIA Event on Managing Systemic Exposure

PRMIA Munich is proud to invite you to a presentation by Dr. Federico Galizia on:

Managing Systemic Exposure

Prior to the financial crisis, exposure to systemic entities had been assumed to be largely risk free. Yet the exposures were not risk free. The losses were catastrophic and set the whole system back in reverse. Today’s systemic entities trade with each other on a collateralized basis and on the assumption that no one is too big to fail. The system has frozen with smaller players paying a high price.

This presentation aims at taking the fear out of the equation and showing how systemic banks could resume activity while managing concentration, counterparty and maturity risk on wholesale markets. We will advocate moving out of ‘risk avoidance’ and back into ‘risk management’. Dr. Galizia will also comment on SIFI exposure limits recently set by the Basel Committee.

For more information regarding venue, speaker and registration please use the following link: